Community Meetings for 2021 GOSH Community Council Election

Hey everybody!

There will be two community meetings next week for the 2021 GOSH Community Council Election. These meetings will give community members the opportunity to ask candidates questions and get to know them better. Based on candidates’ timezones, we will be hosting two community meetings:

  • May 18th at 16:00-17:00 UTC
  • May 20th at 10:00-11:00 UTC

These community meetings will be one hour long and hosted via Zoom. The meetings will also be recorded and shared with the GOSH community on the forum. I am sharing the Zoom links to the meetings below, and have also added both the meetings to the GOSH calendar.

  • Link to join May 18th community meeting at 16:00 UTC
  • Link to join May 20th community meeting at 10:00 UTC

Format of the community meeting

We will start each community meeting with each candidate giving a one-minute statement regarding what they hope to contribute to the GOSH community.

The remainder of the meeting (around 45 minutes) will be an open Q&A where community members may ask candidates any questions relevant to the GOSH community.

You can find more information regarding the 2021 GOSH community council election and a timeline of the election on the election web page. Voter registration is still open, so please register to vote if you have not yet - your vote is critical to shaping the future of GOSH!

I hope to see you all at the upcoming community meetings!


Hi again everyone!

Just a reminder that we will be hosting two community meetings this week so that community members have the opportunity to ask candidates questions and get to know them better. These meetings will take place during the following times:

I hope to see some of you there :slight_smile:


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