Community Council meeting summary 2022-03-09

Today in the community council meeting we discussed:

  • Gathering WG

    • For us it’s mostly about getting the website up and announcing, and registration will open as soon as site is ready.
    • Registration closes 2022-04-30.
  • Regional Funding Program

  • Collaborative Development Program:

    • discussed how the review process went and possible philosophical challenges.
  • Listening WG:

    • ALL: we finished the questions and Bri Pen Laura created the survey in Our Sci (Greg Austic) open source platform
    • EB: Marina created a Portuguese translation of the survey
    • Bri: We created the survey, it is also being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Let’s see if this crash and burns!
    • LO: For Spanish translation, tomorrow is my translation day! Including the event guide, too.
  • Community Manager:

  • Governance:

Then we had more in depth discussions of the CD program and how decisions were made and how to address COI’s

We also discussed how to schedule a spring break to finally get some time away

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