Community Council meeting summary 2022-02-23

Hi y’all,
Sharing updates from the following “Council-backed Working Groups.”
Council-backed Working Groups are Working Groups that are anchored by a particular Council member who shares their authority with the Working Group to collaboratively develop protocols for distributing resources:

  • Gathering WG: webpage is created but not live!
  • Regional Funding WG: figuring out how to get enough non-conflict-of-interest reviewers and preparing to explain decisions on close-calls
  • Collaborative Development WG: discussed future collaboration with Open Hardware Makers. Filled out and signed disclosures on Conflict of Interest forms.
  • Listening WG: detailed work to make it possible to get feedback on the election from many more people than who actually voted in the election to find what gaps were in the process that we can try to patch this year.

Discussion focused on interaction between the Council and the Board of GOSH Inc. Discussion surrounding the G in GOSH, also see this thread: The GOSH Name can be confusing? What is the G? - #12 by audevuilli

Here is the link to the public record of the notes. The archive hasn’t caught up to reality due to some link to documents containing personally identifiable information, but we’re working on it: