Community Council meeting summary 2022-01-26

Here’s the latest summary from the community council meeting.

We did health checks for updates on everyone’s work.

AQ is having a couple difficulties getting the host venue to finalize stuff for GOSH gathering, we are looking at alternatives. Hoping to get this nailed down ASAP.

Regional Funding working group is meeting tomorrow to finalize reviews for Round 1.

Collaborative Development Grant group is putting finishing touches to start opening the application for folks to apply to.

Bri the community manager went over the last nice comm call, and also suggested going through the previous election autopsy.

We spent the rest of the time finishing up the Collab Dev grant, and then discussing topics for next meeting. In particular about the writing workshop grant, and if it would be possible to have a writing workshop about creating a GOSH constitution.

As always your notes are here in full from the meeting