Collaboration on open source tools for agroecology

Hi all
Since last year reGOSH residence in Mendoza we have been collaborating with Our-Sci (@gbathree) and several other people from this community like @pablocremades @ffederici @juastegi and many others in what we call the Open Agroecology Lab and we wanted to share a short report on our most recent activites. The lab goal is to build knowledge for and with local agroecoloy communities through open source tools and participative practices .
Link to the report
We also wanted to invite you to a series of talks about the role of open source technologies in the digitalization processes of agriculture. We already had a few talks that were recorded and you can find on the website and we will have a few more at mid november with Morgan Meyer and Fernando Frank that will be soon announced.


Hi Saludos Nano,

May I utilize the content from your documentation in my PowerPoint presentation on Open Science and Open Source Hardware? I will be introducing the global developments in Open Science to chinese audiences.

Fernando Castro via GOSH Community Forum 于2023εΉ΄11月2ζ—₯周四 04:31ε†™ι“οΌš

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Hi Rockets
Sure you can use it just credit the Open Agroecology Lab please

PS: did we meet on Shenzhen gathering in 2018?