Cohort 1 - Mentees introduction

Dear mentees,

Welcome to Open Hardware Makers! We are really happy to see all the amazing projects that are part of OHM Cohort 1.

We are creating this thread for you to introduce yourself to the community. Feel free to tell us a little about you, what you do, what your project is about, what you expect from the program.

Looking forward to read you!
OHM team.


Hello everyone. I am Aude, currently doing my PhD in Connected Environment at UCL. My research looks at integrating IoT devices into urban green spaces to assist urban ecologists in biodiversity monitoring.

During OHM, I will be working on “Shazam for Bats and Birds”. :parrot: :bat: :bird: The aim is to develop an open-source, open-hardware version of the current one. It will automate the identification and monitoring of bats and birds. I look forward to joining OHM and learning about best practices in Open Hardware! :blush:

Feel free to connect via Twitter @audevuilli or Instagram @gardensofthings


Hi everyone!
My name is Andreas Kahler, I’m working on several open hardware projects at FabLab München (Munich, Germany).One of them is Stereo Ninja, a low-cost digital stereo microscope, which is also the project we are participating OHM with.
Looking forward to OHM and meeting you all!


Hi fellow mentees, I am JAFSIA Elisée currently member of the Electromechanics department at MboaLab Cameroon. I joined the MboaLab team as a researcher to work on reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI projects mainly focused on diseases diagnosis. I am an active member of the OpenDIDA network (Digital Diagnostics for smarter healthcare in Africa) and the technical lead of the OpenFlexure Microscope (OFM) project in Cameroon. On top of my research, I work on a number of side projects in Physics and CS.

During the OHM Program, I would try to prototype an open-source wireless digital stethoscope and learn from experienced mentors about open-science practices.

You can follow me on twitter @euclude.


Hello everyone!

I’m Ruya, doing PhD in Pharmacy, University of Reading, UK. My current research topic is rapid tests of platelet function for the epidemiology of cardiovascular health and disease. I have been developing an open-source robotic microfluidic blood analysis. Light, movement and a camera!

I am looking forward to OHM!


Hello everyone my name is Aluwaine Manyonga ,i recently finished my undergraduate Electrical engineering degree at the University of Zimbabwe .For my final year project i worked on on a project that focuses on re using electronic to make LED lanterns (Chigubhu Lantern) .Now i want to be able to share my knowledge on how to make the lanterns with many students across Africa who do have access to high quality and reliable lighting .The mantra for this project is " a light for every student"


Hi! My name is Michael Anderson. I currently hold a PhD in physics from the University of Rhode Island and I am currently a microscopist/imaging core manager at Boston Children’s Hospital. Most of my work revolves around fluorescence and optics based methods/devices. Some of the more notable projects I have worked on are measuring pH close to the extra-cellular membrane surface, kinetics of protein insertion into membranes, x-ray scattering to visualize membranes and development of a microscope to automatically execute multi-plex imaging protocols. The project I have for this open hardware program is a TEER (trans-epithelial electrical resistance) device. These currently exist, but they are a combination of expensive and inflexible. My hope is that this device provides labs with not only an affordable alternative to the standard EVOM meter, but that it can be incorporated into new experimental setups such as a microfluid platforms.


Hi all

I’m Sam, I’ve been around the Open Source world for a while, but this is my first open hardware project. I’m working with some collaborators on a small robot that uses Field Orientated Control to give precise control of brushless motors.

My long term aim is to develop this platform into an agricultural robot, but that’s some ways off.


Looks like a cool robot system!

Hi all
I’m Nano and we are working toghether with @pcremades and @naikymen in collaboration with many others (@dusjagr @Hail_Harry) to develop, test and document an open source and low-cost device to measure soil respiration that can be used by local farmers and researchers to assess microbiological activity and soil health


Hi !
I am currently studying mechanical engineering, in apprenticeship at Institut Pasteur. This is were I met one of the “Spikeling” creator.
Spikeling is an educational system, that mimics neuronal behaviours. It allows simple and fun ways to approach complex knowledge. It is based on an Arduino microcontroller, which runs a spiking neuron model.
The aim is to make this project more “open”, and think about an upgrade edition.
I look forward meeting you all and discovering your projects!


Hi everyone,

We are Sci-Bots, an open hardware company and a team of three: Ryan, Negar and myself, Sheldon.

We are building and commercializing a digital microfluidics instrument called DropBot.
It is a tool for the miniaturization and automation of biological and chemical experiments.
You can find more info on our website:

We are very excited to join the OHM program to share our project and get feedback from the open hardware community, as well as discover all the cool projects you are working on!