Code of conduct related stuff during transition

Hi working group,

I have a question that I think goes here, let me know if it should go anywhere else.

GOSH code of conduct is great, has lots of examples of online behaviour that now are needed more than ever. For the reporting, it states to send an email to the 2018 organizers group:

Screenshot_2020-08-22 GOSH Code of Conduct

Is this still ongoing? How is this managed during this transition led by the working group? During the last meeting we agreed on a minimum time frame of 2 months, so I think it’s important to make it clear.

Another thing I wanted to ask was about having the code of conduct more visible in the forum, so no one can claim they were not aware of it. I asked Julian, who told me a footer like this can be added to every topic:



The email address still exists and is forwarded to Jenny, Greg, Julieta, Shannon and Fernan. This reporting mechanism could continue as the default until this group or the following governance committee decide on an alternative mechanism. I don’t see a need to rush unless this group feels that the group receiving the reporting emails is inappropriate.

+1 on the code of conduct footer!


I agree. If the present group is already managing such reports, an alternative mechanism should be put in place only when the WG’s task is complete and community governance is handed over to a more long term committee for governance. We should take this as one of the governance items we consider when listing the domains of control.