CO2 chamber: Earlier prototypes on Hackteria wiki and github

Nice to see this dedicated category here.

I have been presenting our HUMUS sapiens prototype back at the GOSH 2018 in Shenzhen. Slammed it on the table… (and yes it did break of some wiring :slight_smile: )

We docmented the CO2 soil respiration chamber on the hackteria wiki here:

And just recently during the UROŠ activities we updated the hardwares, using esp32-s2 and the new sensor SCD41 sponsored by Sensirion (i am working to get more)

I will work in this again in the coming weeks. Working closely with @nanocastro on this. But ping here if you are interested to join the research, as hardware dev, software implementation or especially field use!


Hi all
Here some updates on this project

New prototype based on ESP-32 and sensirion SCD41 in the context of UROS project

and improved documentation (thanks Open Hardware Makers) for our simpler regGOSH prototype and some sensors performance comparison

Still many improvements to be made. All collaborators welcomed