Citizen Science Conference 2017

I just got this:

"The Citizen Science Association Conference is coming together because of the passion and dedication of many wonderful volunteers working hard behind the scenes.

Please spread the word to your networks, volunteers, science colleagues, email lists, at conferences and meetings you attend, on social media - wherever you deem appropriate!

Share the Conference! "

If anyone from the community is going, please let the rest know. It would be awesome if we could get some notes from it :wink:

Kind, regards,



Hi @juanpedro.maestre,

I’ll be there and I’m going to be giving a talk on GOSH and citizen/community science. If anyone is interested in this topic (I know you’re out there!) and wants to give me input ahead of time or review the talk I put together, I’d love your help.

I’m a co-chair of the CSA Integrity, Diversity and Equity working group and will be leading a couple sessions on this in relation to cit. sci. I’ll be brining with me new ideas from GOSH :slight_smile: Also co-leading a symposium called “environmental protection belongs to the public”… happy to report back on the conference in general.

Who else is going to be there? I’ll be so happy if it means seeing a couple of you in May!


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I’ll be there! -Tara

I wish I could be there too! I went to the one in San Jose and it was awesome. This time I cannot afford it. It could be great to have some kind of big picture summary after the conference if you have the chance (or are going to tweet).

I can help maybe giving input before the conference :wink:

Thanks in advance to all of you going!

Already miss you all,


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Great, I’ll plan a report back and will also send you my presentation ahead of time for feedback. If others would like to/be willing to do the same, please let me know.

I’ll be there too! (I know this a really late reply). I’m co-facilitating a workshop on Wednesday afternoon and I’ll have a poster in the Friday poster session. @shannond when is your talk on GOSH and citizen/community science? Happy to take a quick look if you’re still interested in an extra set eyes. Hope to catch up with you and @tarabrown in a couple days!


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Hey @dbild great that I’ll be seeing you this week! I’m running beyond on putting the talk together, but have been working on it tonight and would love to send a version by you to put an eye to tomorrow if you’re up for it. I think my session is Thursday 3:15.