CERN's Open Source Program Office

This is coming up and definitely worth engaging with from GOSH’s end @briannaljohns is there anyone who could contact them or attend?

It would be great for them to know about us, and also maybe @Jorodeo to see if there’s ways for us to connect in a more formal way to help commercialize the manufacturing way.


Thanks for sharing, @gbathree! They have a point of contact on their website, which is great. Their launch events start tomorrow, which is very soon - and seats are limited. However, if anyone in the community is in Geneva and interested in getting involved, check this out! In the meantime, I will email them to see how our communities can best connect.

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@jarancio : are you attending ? (or @dusjagr maybe?)

Anyone going: would be cool to keep us informed via the forum :slight_smile:

Somehow I totally missed this message @gbathree and just seeing it now. Thanks for sharing!

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