Cancer & Aging Research NANOLAB looking 4 people

Hey guys, after more than 15 years in the academics, I started my own little nanoscaled charity business lab in France on cancer and aging. With crazily low means we managed to get preliminary amazing biochemical data. The lab is going to move soon in Toulouse (south of France) at ARTILECT, the first french FABLAB. We’d like to gather a larger community on our project. We’re actually coping with natural chemical compounds able to switch the biological clock and tackle aging and cancer.
We already released an article in ABC about type II diabetes in collaboration. Next step is to cope with bigdata and therefore the bio-informatician Thomas Charlon will join our team. We’re looking for ANY kind of help/collab in this project. Feel free to join, forward, post this project… ARTILECT was given high level bio-machines by a big pharma company (illumina, Hitachi sequencers, Hiseq2000…) among which some were already hacked by GAUDI and which could be helpfull to some of u. We’re out of website for the moment (few months) since we’re migrating to new host but the lab name is “IMPULSE”, and phone : +33(0)760026248. Thank u all :wink::+1:

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