Camera trap hacking thread

@hpy and @dornawcox started chatting about camera trap hacking at GOSH 2022 in Panama, including - but not limited to - topics like firmware hacking for PhenoCam.

I am just starting this thread so that we can continue the conversation here.

Oh, and of course remember there’s thread about depth sensing with camera traps. Check it out!

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BTW @dornawcox could you give a quick summary here of what you told me about PhenoCam and other things? Thanks!

More later, but here’s a thread about repairing camera traps/camera trap repair, might have info on how to open and hack them:

Pen, I think you and Harold might especially appreciate this. Camera trap catches evidence of a bird species that hasn’t been seen for over a 100 years.

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Super cool, thank you @HoneyBadger!! Indeed I love stories like this. It reminds me of an old story of using camera traps to observe the super-rare saola (which, sadly, might now be extinct): A saola poses for the camera | Nature

I just posted a status update in this thread.