Calling for Nominations and Applications for Our Decentralized Manufacturing World Map Data Awards!

Do you know a person or organization that has mapped or wants to map manufacturing capabilities and could use some financial support to adapt or collect data?

Following the use case application of the Open Know-Where standard in Round 1, we are now accepting nominations and applications for the next round of the Decentralized Manufacturing World Map Data Awards!

Our objective for 2023 is to map at least 150,000 points of interest (i.e.: facilities and machinery), under the OKW initiative. This mapping, in addition to benefiting communities engaged in decentralized manufacturing by helping them find where items can be produced locally, will enable us to develop a key part of the infrastructure for the distributed production of Open Hardware: a global map of facilities, machines, and tools, based on a shared open framework and open APIs.

$6,000.00USD will be divided up into 3-6 one-shot financial awards ranging from $500-$2000. The award will fund time and operational costs to do one, or both, of the following:

  • Take existing datasets of facilities, machinery, or tools and help us integrate them into our growing global manufacturing facilities and machinery data by developing processes or software to validate or transform the source data.
  • Collect data related to the mapping of manufacturing capabilities, through surveys, or data scraping for integration into our growing global manufacturing facilities and machinery data.

Applications will be accepted and awarded on a rolling basis, with a submission deadline of Feb 15, 2023 .



@akorede @Tiamiyu @Suleiman01 This work can be a continuation of the work we started ( Open science hardware practices and potentialities). It also fits with our expertise in Data Science and Collective Intelligence. What do you think?


@Azeez what you think ??

A reminder that we are still accepting applications and nominations up until the rapidly approaching deadline of February 15, 2023!

If you have any questions regarding the self-submission of an application or how to nominate someone, you can leave a comment on this post, or reach out to the IoP Alliance team directly:

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Dear Sarah,

I don’t remember if this was our original encounter, the who you’d contacted to contact me never did, I could be interested perhaps especially if I could get a bit of a grant for what I understand can be a not-too-taxing useful work. (though there’s a small if there as things have changed for me a bit since last time we spoke).

Best Wishes,