Call for volunteers for Open Hardware (web-software-) infrastructure - DocuBricks

Hi GOSHers,

Together with Johan Henriksson in Cambridge, I develop a modular hardware documentation software called DocuBricks (free-and-open-source of course!) and a repository: There will be a workshop session on Saturday on it, as well. In the run-up for GOSH '17, we are looking for volunteer web-developers who are keen to help making Open Hardware documentation easier and better, by contributing to the DocuBricks infrastructure.

solved: We were looking for urgent help for the front end to view the existing documentation structure nicely in a browser and print. This has been solved and closed thanks to the team!
Nevertheless, further team members are always welcome, especially individuals keen to develop the website services further.

Best wishes,

Update: David, a fantastic volunteer at Cambridge, joined us. Together with Johan, we have already rolled out a new editor and viewer. Older projects created with previous editors can of course be loaded with the new editor and uploaded to the website. Note: The new viewer applied to the projects by the server only works correctly with projects originating from the new, updated editor software.
I’m looking forwards to the new projects coming in!

I am up for helping out some if you point me at what’s needed. I think there is some potential for collaboration with my site: I could imagine projects where the electronics lives on Kitnic and the mechanics on Docubricks.

Of course contributions to are also always welcome. The source code and issues live on GitHub.

I have started looking into adding accounts to Kitnic. How did you find developing the authentication for Docubricks? I noticed login and sign-up is not encrypted over TLS at the moment. I have set up Letsencrypt quite a few times now. Should I help out with that?

Hey Kaspar, that sounds great! Let’s talk it over in person tomorrow.

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