Call for proposals: Open Infrastructure Fund up to USD 25k

FYI I just saw this announcement from the Creative Commons Slack space:

For this call, “infrastructure” means:

We look to the definition of digital open infrastructure services articulated in the UNESCO Open Science Declaration, and are especially interested in the following:

  • Not-for-profit and non-commercial platforms and services that further access to and participation in research;
  • Open source technologies that employ open standards, utilize open protocols;
  • Offerings that encourage use and re-use of content, data, and underlying code with minimal restriction.

Some facts about the call:

Deadline for applications: July 31, 2023 :warning:
Where you are based: anywhere in the world; 60% of these funds are reserved for individuals and organizations in Low and Middle Income Economies (LMIEs) and/or services that are widely adopted by communities in LMIEs.
Level of funding: USD 5,000-25,000

Specifically, they are looking for applications that seek to:

  1. Capacity building to improve the technical reliability and security of open infrastructure services… [such as] Organizing events to strengthen relationships/networks among contributors, maintainers, and/or user communities.
  2. Strengthening community governance of open infrastructure services. Funding can be used to set up and/or strengthen governance structures and bodies… [such as] Organizing community workshops to discuss governance needs and (re)design governance structures. Convene a dedicated committee/working group of key stakeholders to lead work on diversifying governance. Work on improving governance processes, e.g. reviewing and evolving bylaws and other policies.
  3. Critical shared infrastructure. Funding can be used for efforts that would push people to directly collaborate across and work with existing systems…

I feel GOSH and GOSH-related work could potentially match what they’re looking for.

Any ideas?


This looks great. Who has thoughts about this?

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I have been contemplating the potential use of the Capacity Building and Strengthening community governance aspect emphasized in this call’s requirements. In this context, I propose that GOSH and its regional communities explore the possibility of seeking funding to support regional GOSH initiatives aimed at organizing capacity-building and OScH workshops within their respective regions. While I personally perceive this idea to align well with the objectives of the call, I acknowledge the need for further evaluation and remain open to constructive feedback and correction.


Great points @Frank_AfricaOSH. I also see an opportunity for a strategic partnership

Capacity Building:

  1. Two or three regional bodies identify capacity gaps they need to fill.
  2. GOSH coordinates a meeting where topmost three areas of common interest are selected.
  3. Agree on the mode of implementation and work on a joint application.

Strengthen community governance
While every community needs this, I believe at this point GOSH needs this more given the ongoing work with the constitution and post constitution activities that are to follow - i.e., setting up structures. A formidable GOSH governance structure can have a trickle down effect…


This is a great initiative for the community.

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Thank you for your responses @Frank_AfricaOSH @Karl @Ebuka!

I don’t have the capacity to take the lead on this, but if people organise and come up with a specific proposal, I’m happy to help talk to the OSHF to see if they can serve as a fiscal sponsor for this effort!


I would be happy to join the team.


I will too. @Frank_AfricaOSH and @Karl can we work on this proposal?


Awesome, would I say its a coincidence?

Though, I just got to join this community earlier this year and active some few months ago. I can put up a proposal for my region and join in any team, we can work something out.


@hpy we can work on a proposal with everyone interested and we would be glad if the OSHF could serve as a fiscal sponsor.

@Ebuka Yes, we can set up un an initial meeting (somewhere next week depending on everyone’s schedule) to discuss how we want to proceed.

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How about an inception meeting on Tuesday (We could have a doodle poll on time and date?) to get us started. It doesn’t have to be structured, more of an ice breaker meeting. Any ideas?


Tuesday works for me. How about a doodle poll on the time? @Karl @Ebuka ?


Dear @Frank_AfricaOSH @Ebuka @Sir.timmy ,
Here is a doodle link: Doodle.

Please select your preferred time and day.

I propose meeting over zoom. But we can use any other platform. The meeting link will be shared on Monday.


Thanks. I have picked a day and time. Tuesday works for me.

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Hope your meeting goes well! Let the community know how it can help once you have a plan. :slight_smile:


Great :smiley:

That’s ok. We would do that.

Hi everyone, I’m just engaging with this post and it has been interesting. I would like to join the team if there is still available spot for someone.


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Hi @akorede,
We had the first meeting on Tuesday, but you are welcome to join the conversation. We have created a common document here.Feel to to add your name, email and comment/suggestions. See you at the next meeting.