Call for Participants: Global Gathering Documentation Subcommittee

Hi everyone !!!

I’m posting this on behalf of the GOSH Global Gathering Workgroup - the group responsible for organizing this year’s event in Panama, on October 26-29 at the Ciudad Del Saber.

Each global gathering is known for having as a very important goal to conduct the documentation process of all the amazing activities that take place during the tight and intense time that we spend together. For this year’s event, we would like to create a Documentation Team that will help bring together previous and new participants in order to define strategies, tools, and roles to document every ’unconference session’, workshop activities, talks and extension activities around the gathering. Written reports, notes, pictures, video and audio recordings, and even maps and drawings in a storyboard’s style are more than welcome as treasured material!

The Documentation Team will function as a subcommittee working with the support and advice of the Gathering Working Group. This group will plan and coordinate the documentation process and help create the Community Final report, which will detail all tasks prior to, during, and after the 2022 Global Gathering.

If you’re interested in joining, please reply in the comments!

Thank you and looking forward to working with you all!



Dear Laura,
I am interested in joining the documentation workgroup.


Hi @Dorry!
I’m so glad you’re interested in joining!
Let’s hold off for a couple of weeks so more people can join and then we’ll hold some meeting to brainstorm ideas!

Count me in!

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Of course dear @marbasch! we are glad to count on you!

Am in

John Bior Ajang
Open Tech Engineer
Peace and human rights activist
Producer (videos and audios)
Radio presenter at Radio Jonglei FM
Founder ATAKA Hub South Sudan
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Welcome @Bior ,Thank you for joining us!
The Documentation Team is growing!

I would love to be a part of the documentation subcommittee

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Welcome onboard @Minette_Shalo!
Thanks for joining!

I’d like to collaborate with the documentation :slight_smile:


Bienvenido @naikymen !
Pronto habrá novedades para comenzar a organizarnos!

Welcome @naikymen!
There will be news soon to start organizing!


Count me in too

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