Building a simple bioprinter

definitely a n00b question ahead, be warned ā€“

how difficult would it be for a neophyte like me to build a relatively simple bioprinter that can print mycelium substrate? Should be:

  • low cost
  • scavenged parts preferably
  • sturdy

my background: not clumsy, can use the right tool for the right job, but can also f*&# up easily so would want to walk before trying to run

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claaaasiiic from the hackteria wiki, developed in HLab2013, bangalore:'s_BioPrinter

urs and others worked on this during HLab2011:

low-cost, hacked old cd-drives.
but also pretty easy to use a cheap 3d printer and add a syringe.

good luck!!

i hope you talked to nieves at BioFabbing.


I think the result of that Hackteria exercise is documented at

That was my first step in this quest, second step was starting this thread. That does sound like a great project. Iā€™d like to study a few alternatives as well. I am also thinking this is something that could use the automated syringe pump thingy that Ali Afshar (Hackscience) showed off in Santiago.

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oh good one Marc. Thanks. I will ping her.

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Hi @punkish,
There is also a cool recent extruder design from the GOSH community, that can be mounted on any 3d printer or CNC stage:
It allows temperature control of the liquid, which is really important for good results in bioprinting. Depends how low-cost DIY you want to go :wink:

Thanks Tobey, will check it out.