Bristlemouth Accelerator Program accepting applications until January 31, 2024

Hello GOSH Community!

I am sharing an exciting opportunity for mentorship and funding in the ocean technologies space that may interest many of you! Bristlemouth, who gave an excellent presentation at our last GOSH community call, has announced their accelerator program, which I am sharing more about below.

The Bristlemouth Accelerator is a 1-year program offering mentorship, developer workshops, and hackathons, and the opportunity to receive funding and/or prize money in hopes of supporting the next generation of advanced ocean technology.

  1. Participants will be a curated selection of ocean innovators and entrepreneurs based on factors such as ocean impact, product novelty, and quality.

  2. After six months of mentorship and guidance, four finalists will be selected by mentors and an additional two finalists chosen by the Bristlemouth community.

  3. The finalists will each present a 5-minute pitch and demo at BristleCon 2024 to a judging committee, mentors, participants, and community members.

  4. A minimum of $150,000 will be awarded out to the top finalists.

They are also seeking mentors as well to join the accelerator’s network.

Find out more and apply here!