Bring your spec kit to GOSH, let's make some progress

hey @Andriy @Ryan @bengtsjolen @kina.smith @gpereyrairujo @rbowman!

My friend Jane Wyngaard from Notre Dame is taking up the hyperspec cause. She’s interested in use cases attaching it to a drone. We’re looking at identifying grad student or undergrad help to get things moving, so there’s progress there.

I wanted to remind you all to BRING YOUR SPEC KIT to Shenzhen - let’s plan on having some time to hack on it. I’m going to get it hooked up on a breadboard so we’re not dinking around with firmware stuff prior to coming.

We could take some time during the unconference time or at night, or day after (I’ll be there an extra day) to work on it. Let me know if you’re game!

Hey @gbathree
Well, I’m game.
I plan to stay in Shenzhen 9-14. Departure 14.10 at 18.00

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Yes, definitely interested in this! I’m also happy to help with breadboarding/getting basics setup prior to GOSH. Maybe we can connect over hangouts later this month?

This might be interesting for this group:

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Wow, that’s progress! Should contact them and get their opinion about expanding the wavelength range from their current range out to the mir, or generally the utility of our proposed approach.

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