Bring Covid Rapid Tests to Panama Please!

Hi! Many folks are coming to Panama from countries where COVID rapid tests are easily available (and often FREE!).

In panama you cannot purchase rapid tests (the government, in a move many have attributed to trying to keep money going to the more expensive testing clinics, declared the population of panama was not smart enough to test themselves).

But you can bring in rapid tests! These can be very useful, and I would encourage everyone to test regularly before, during, and after the conference to help keep our community as safe as possible! In order to help us, I would like to request, especially if you have rapid tests freely available to you, to PLEASE BRING EXTRA COVID TESTS TO PANAMA!

We can use them during the event, and then if any are left over, you can donate them to Dinalab, here in Panama, where we have been operating as a free anarchist Covid testing site for gamboa.


BTW Covid Rates are very low these days in Panama, but let’s help keep them that way given we will be having so many people flying in from everywhere, all over the world!


will check how much our quick tests cost now…
(should note again the luggage probs these days, however.
I will just have a carry-on.
Corona Detective and the fluor detector build is another workshop I thus decided not to do for the meeting… it is awesome though.
Always told Guy Aidelberg he should come to gosh, too.
Fran Quero, also from that project, was at africa gosh with Urs and Thomas Mboa, at least.)


I brought 4 and Americans can get them free (I assume only one) at the american embassy.

Let me know if you need one.

Do some people need negative results to go home?

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