Biocoder is seeking submissions on open hardware for science

In case anyone is interested in writing something! Biocoder is a magazine about lots of things many of us are interested in and they specifically want open and low-cost hardware articles.

Hello BioCoder readers and contributors!
We hope you have been enjoying the new O’Reilly Bio Ideas page. We’re excited to use this platform to share content on a regular basis in addition to our BioCoder publication. Make sure to check those pages regularly for current articles on those who are making biology research and tools more accessible, collaborative, low-cost, and efficient. We’re particularly interested in articles on:

  • Novel therapeutic discovery strategies
  • Hardware such as low-cost lab equipment or diagnostics
  • Open or low­-cost bioinformatics tools
  • Engineered organisms for the production of small molecules, biologics, or other products
  • Research projects at a community labspace or projects for science education or public engagement
  • 6Hardware or software for lab automation
  • Citizen science or DIY research projects
  • Science policy
  • Tools to increase reproducibility in research, or anything related

Please contact us at if you are interested in submitting content or know someone who might be, or if you think there is a topic we should cover! The next deadline for content submission is June 15.
Looking forward to reading your submissions.
The BioCoder Editorial Team

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