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Basic Open Hardware Skills for Students

Hi folk!
Now, I thinking about what kind of basic knowledge (competencies) must receive teachers (with biology and chemistry background) for implementation of STEM-education, open hardware, and etc . into school education.
Does anybody have experience retraining (additional training) the aforementioned teachers?

I have been working with a team in Ghana on STEM education and our focus has been setting up low-cost lab and training teachers to work with their students within these labs. We however, have doing training across, open hardware (electronics, 3D printing), biology, chemistry, etc You can check out our website at http://prac-sciencelab.com/

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I’ve only done a very little in schools so far, but am looking to expand - @Hail_Harry what resources/materials do you use in the labs - are they published online somewhere? I’m keen to develop some nice school-level materials around the openflexure microscope if I can, and I’ll certainly share them here if/when that happens.

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good morning educationologists,

we started another discusion here:
sadly not so many interactions there…

also we have a category “education” on the forum.


Hi @rbowman sorry for the late reply. The curriculum we developed for running the materials we developed in Ghana with support from a team in the UK was done working around the first version of the waterscope. I will share over here the resources that we generated. Having a problem with my computer at the moment so i will share once i get hold of the document we developed. This should happen in the next couple of days.

I think there should be at least three modules. What do you think?

I. First module. Basic knowledge of electrical engineering, 3D printing et al

  1. Engineering, 3D printing
  2. Programing

I. Second module. Microcontroller. How It Works

  1. Basic skills and understanding working Arduino, NodeMCU, Teensy, Raspberry
  2. Sensors
  3. Microcontrollers programming
  4. IoT

III. Third module. Practice Skill Development

  1. DIY microscope, DIY spectrometer
  2. DIY Weather station, air quality
  3. Water (DIY Conductivity Sensor)
  4. CO2 and soil respiration
  5. DIY Reflectometer (light absorption, reflection)
  6. DIY Infrared Photography, NDVI index
  7. Human Physiology (DIY Pulse, Oxygen in the blood)

We are developing a 9 day program that covers basic desktop manufacturing for open source product development. See our curriculum - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/STEAM_Camp_9_Day_Curriculum

and more context for this at https://www.opensourceecology.org/ospd-and-steam-camps/


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