Axoloti for OScH "It's a synth"

dear GOScHians,

we just explored this amazing open hardware project:

While it’s originially developed to build synthesizers, i see great potential to use it also for various sensing and instrumentation control in the GOScH world.
"“Axoloti Core” is a circuit board with stereo audio in- and output, audio analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters and a microcontroller suitable for digital audio processing. "
168MHz STM32F427 microcontroller
24bit/96kHz capable stereo audio ADC/DAC (editor and firmware currently only supports 24bit/48kHz)
On-board switching power supply
Circuit board dimensions: 160 x 50 mm

also it’s a great example of open hardware/software with a large community contributing.

i just got myself a few and we’ll experiment with it next week for some “Eco-Sonification” experiments.



It’s definitely waay more powerful and complete than an arduino and much easier to program. Also the sdcard interface allows for storing data gathered over long periods of time.

I love these kinds of projects though I haven’t actually tried any. One I have been tempted by most recently is the Bela which promises sub 100 micro second latency on a Beagleboard running Linux (with Xenomai patches).

I wonder if Axoloti is still easier to program even if you are not a fan of Max/MSP style graphical programming.

this was me before I knew axoloti.

Now, unless I’m paid I don’t want to spend an extra second on Operative system issues
Axo it’s much faster than max and pd (and reaktor). yesterday at the workshop I made for the students an analog subtractive synthesizer in 5 minutes. that same architecture in pd vanilla it’s gonna take like 1 hour to make if you know the names of the objects + IT’s gonna sound like crap because the oscillators in vanilla arent bandlimited (Bela uses just vanilla patches compiled through heavy. so you need even more screen time…)

this is me now:

much better,…