#ASKotec - crowdfunding and collaboration inquiry

At AfricaOSH 2018 earlier this year, our South Sudanese colleague Jaiksana presented the ASKotec kit as a set of tools in a dust proof case to not only be used by artisans in critical regions or refugee camps but also as a set for DIY science equipment and repair kit in the context of Open Science Hardware.

Providing Access to Skills and Knowledge in the form of a multi-functional Open Tech Emergency Case gives rural and urban innovators a new point of entrance for understanding the basics in a range of vocational skills from soldering, building simple devices to the handling of important yet often specialised tools that in these regions are normally hard to come by.

We just launched our crowdfunding campaign at betterplace.org/en/projects/63347-pioneering-open-tech-innovation-askotec-access-to-skills-knowledge-kit/

Pioneering Open Tech Innovation: #ASKotec Access to Skills & Knowledge Kit

Join us in getting the funds together to build 5 additional kits and support our trainers by

  • sharing the campaign on Twitter and Facebook
  • donating – any amount counts and brings us closer to our goal
  • talking to your friends and family about it
  • contacting us if you know of companies, individuals and other contacts in your network and neighbourhood who might be interested in partnering with us

More #ASKotec details
#ASKotec = Access to Skills and Knowledge: open tech emergency case.

#ASKotec on Github: github.com/opencultureagency/ASKotec

The kit is a rugged, dust-proof case with a range of quality basic and advanced tools, elements and materials for

  • learning and practicing basic electronics, especially small-scale solar energy
  • training supplies to develop and share knowledge
  • reference guides and manuals to support local peer-to-peer skills development

With each kit it is possible to run hundreds of workshops in DIY electronics, solar power, up-cycling and basic computing – making it both an emergency field kit for remote regions, as well as a science and technology resource kit for schools where basic infrastructure are minimal or lacking.

Developed together with young South Sudanese open tech pioneers to best meet their needs, the #ASKotec was designed for people living in remote and low infrastructure regions, including refugee settlements, remote rural areas and community based educational institutions in post-conflict regions such as South Sudan or post-disaster regions like Nepal. The kit is designed to work as a mobile trainer’s set to tackle basic field challenges when it comes to Open Tech and Open Source Hardware innovation, education and repairing wherever needed.

Augmenting interests and the often less formal skills young people have picked up previously, strengthening these to become generators of knowledge for their peer communities, the kit triggers independence and empowerment for the people.

Do feel free to ask any questions and get in touch of you are interested in collaborating and further distributing, diversifying and advancing the #ASKotec kit.


This looks like a cool project Jo @access2perspectives !

Just had a quick look at the crowdfunding website as well as the Github - can I recommend that the crowdfunding website also list:

  1. contents of the kit
  2. table of content (at least) of the reference guides and manuals
  3. some concrete examples of vocational skill projects that refugees will be trained to make for practical use
  4. some concrete examples of the types of repairs possible to help potential funders better understand the current living standards at such camps that the kit can help address
  5. how many training sessions the funding will allow to happen, where and the potential number of beneficiaries.

FYI - I have in the past used what I call a “maker bag” for mobile young maker education classes to run workshops for children in underserved communities in Hong Kong (where space is very expensive), and have used it to run workshops at Maker Faire Shenzhen too. Would love to find ways to collaborate, especially if the kit can also be used to help engage and educate the children to help lift their skills and spirits in such refugee camps.

Best regards,

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Thanks for your swift feedback, Brian!
We just added a short list of contents and linked from there to the complete list on Github.
The other remarks will be addressed throughout the campaign by adding use cases and videos and stories to the news feed.

We’d be very happy to exchange thoughts and experiences re #ASKotec and Maker Bag and how to collaborate.

Best /jo.