Apply to the Open Leaders 4 Hardware program

Not exactly a “funding” opportunity, but a great “educational” opportunity that anyone working on an open hardware project should consider. I participated in the more general Mozilla Open Leaders program last year (which was more tailored to software). It an an amazing program, but a hardware-focused version would have been even better!

This is being organied by a bunch of GOSHers (Alex Kutschera @vektor, Julieta Arancio @jarancio, Andre Maia Chagas @amchagas and Jose Urra @jurra).

Short description from the online application:

Based on the Open Leaders program created by the Mozilla Foundation, this program will cover different aspects of leading open hardware projects.

We aim to guide participants through designing and building open hardware projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities.

Over the course of the program you will:

  • Receive ongoing 1:1 help from mentors to open up your project and bring it to the next level
  • Learn about best practices for design, testing and production, tools for collaboration, communication and community building.
  • Have access to a community of experts and a pool of educational resources, and interact with diverse open hardware communities worldwide.
  • Join a community of open leaders that work together on standards and best practices.

Find more about role descriptions in


Hi, @ryanfobel Thanks for sharing, Yeah it was a great opportunity to build Open Hardware and I Applied for Open river monitoring system and waiting for the selection results.


Yaaay! Thanks for sharing Ryan!

Would be great to get some applications of fellow GOSHers! You all are also invited to join us as mentors and experts.