Anyone interested in presenting GOSH Roadmap at European Citizen Science Association conference in Geneva, 3-5 June 2018?

Hi All

The GOSH Roadmap design is being finalised as we speak and those of us who have been stewarding it through this final stage of the process (@shannond, @unixjazz and I) look forward to sharing the final, beautiful document shortly!

It would be great to have our collective hard work presented at as many venues as possible and the European Citizen Science Association conference in Geneva, 3-5 June 2018 has been suggested as a useful place to spread the GOSH news.

Is anyone already planning to attend and might be willing to present the Roadmap on behalf of the GOSH Community? The deadline for proposals is 10 Jan 2018.

If anyone would like to present GOSH Roadmap at another meeting, please do and let the forum know! We were kindly supported by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation for GOSH 2017 and the creation of the Roadmap so it’s important to be able to feedback to them as well as spread the word on the GOSH channels.

One task once the roadmap graphics are complete could be to come up with a nice set of shared slides that will make it less effort for any of us to go out and present. If anyone enjoys this type of work, please shout!


I might submit another piece of work for the conference but I am not 100% sure at this point. I would love to present (or co-present) the GOSH roadmap (unless someone else from the community wants to do it). I will know more soon. Cheers, JP.

Thanks JP! Looking forward to hearing from any potential co-presenters.

Hi All

Just a quick reminder in case anyone is planning to go to ECSA or is otherwise interested to go to Geneva and present the GOSH Roadmap in June 2018, please shout!

Deadline is 10 Jan 2018 and JP is on-board but it’d be great to have a second person involved! GOSH organisers can offer help identifying travel funding and providing letters of support etc if needed.


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