Any open-source alternatives to Atlas.ti, Nvivo or dedoose?

Hi all,
Just in case… does any of you know of good -open source- alternatives to the qualitative data analysis software Atlas.ti (incredible expensive), Nvivo o Dedoose? I know CAT (coding analysis toolkit) but it seems only entire paragraphs and not sentences can be coded.
I guess some of you might have conducted qualitative research, not only quantitative :wink:

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Oi Paz!

For qualitative data analysis… we do not have many Free Software alternatives yet. I would recommend trying Transana because it is similar to the software you mentioned.

For annotation, I would recommend looking into PECE and Lacuna (you could run them locally, if they fit your research purposes).

I am working on a simple project (in my spare time) of a USB pedal controller for audio transcription. You can find more info here, I will update the repo with good documentation really soon as I am finishing the PCB. It might be useful for your work, if you transcribe long audio/video interviews.


Oi Luis! Gracias! And wow, this is a great set of resources :smile: And I will definitely check your pedal controller documentation, because yes, I’ll have quite a bit to transcribe in the coming months :wink:

Luis you’re like an open source oracle, the holder of all knowledge. Seriously, I’m always amazed!

yes, I think I agree @gbathree. I mean… I’ve forward his message to like 5 people in 10 min.

There’s also RQDA (! As it is an add-on for R, if you are familiar with this it is not too hard to get going. Otherwise the interface is quite clunky - Transana is easier…


pazita! I owe you a detailed documentation on this… I totally need to go back to this project, so I will contact you soon. First, to ask how you are doing in Chile!!! And second to ask your feedback on the documentation.

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Luis!!! I was cleaning my imbox and saw this! (bad pandemic brain!). And I should have really seen it before because I’m about to start transcribing like tons and tons of interviews, hehe So yes please let’s talk!