Any one from Ireland

Hi, I live in Ireland and I cannot travel outside of Ireland due to the personal reasons. But I would like to meet anyone within Ireland to collaborate on OSH projects.

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Hi @scientist, i am in Ireland and I will be going to Shenzhen.
I am Developer at SAP.
What kind of projects are you interested in?

@draysams, Thanks for your reply. I am working on hacking the fitness sensors to use the photodiodes and LEDs. Then they could be used as many scientific instruments. I could buy each of the fitness sensors for $12 from Germany. I would like to know, what is the base price of these fitness trackers in Shenzhen as I expect them cheap, but don’t know how cheap they can get.

These watches are made by a company Shenzhen DO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. So far, they didn’t answer our questions such as is it possible to source a few of them with custom firmware. If you can contact them while you are there, it would be a great help.

By the way, where do you live in Ireland?

@scientist, i will try to find their address and pay them a visit. Hopefully google translate is able to help me out.

I’m sure it’ll most likely be cheaper in Shenzhen. But do you think the sensors will have the same sensitivity as those from Germany?

I am located is Castlegar, Galway

Hi @draysams, thanks for offering help. The sensors I am buying from the Germany are made by the same company in China. These are just generic fitness trackers like fitbit. I will also try to get the company address asap.

On a separate note, are there any OSH workshops in Ireland? Do you think we both can do something. I will explore options in Cork. I work in Tyndall National Institute. Although there is a makerspace within Tyndall, its not well funded.

Yeahhh @scientist we can definitely collaborate and do something. We can start something small and see how it catches the attention of the scientific community.

Working in Tyndall also gives you access a lot of contacts who will be interested.

Yes, I will ask around to see the interest.

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