Any GOSHers going to Global Community Bio Summit this year?

Hi everyone!

The next Global Community Bio Summit is happening at the end of this month (January 27-29) and I am wondering if there are any GOSH Community Members that plan on attending. If so, I have got some great GOSH resources you can share while you are there :slight_smile:

Feel free to respond to this thread or send me a message if you would like to chat more about how GOSH can be represented at the Bio Summit!



Hey Bri!

I am planning on going to the BioSummit and give a short talk on “How to get involved with Open Science to Enable the Bioeconomic Transition” (Or something similar)

My plan is to give a breif summary of the kinds of organizations you can get involved with in Open Science rn and I was planning on talking about GOSH already so this a great help!


Fantastic news @VertiCulture! Let me know if you need anything else and I am happy to help.

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