Ambassador Program Framework

Dear GOSH Community members,

The Ambassador Program WG is glad to announce that, after hosting a series of workshops, we are ready to share with you the GOSH Ambassador Program Framework. This framework summarizes the “minimum viable structure” necessary for starting the Ambassador program.

The spirit of the program is to give all the community members that advocate for the GOSH principles all the support we can provide, and to recognize the valuable job they/we do. In this regard, we are committed to seek for support from institutions not currently connected to GOSH.

We know the program has raised concern about bringing unnecessary bureaucracy. But we think this is an opportunity to make it easy to anyone willing to spread the word about GOSH and the benefits of OsH by creating a space where “activists” can share experiences and resources.

Feel free to make any contribution to the document.



Thank you for sharing, @pablocremades! Just bumping this post again because it didn’t seem to send an email notification to everyone.

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Thank you for sharing this Pablo!