Amazing project: WikiLab - Call for contribution

Dear fellow GOSHers,

I would like to bring to your attention and ask you to contribute to this amazing project WikiLab. These guys are running a crowfunding campaign to build a Lab from scratch with free and open source technologies. I know how serious the organizers are and sure that this project has the potential to become an international reference for GOSH and Free and Open Source Technologies. They achieved 58% of the goal and there are 10 days left.

Video with English subtitles!

Please contribute to their crowfunding campaign and spread the word! See also project description on Github.


This is very cool! Sent through my contacts, hope it helps!
@rpez, is this the first time you brought this to the forum?

I believe this is the first post relate to WikiLabs here.

I dream of a future where fablabs are also build and equipped with the Open Source Hardware such as those of the Hyperobject Workbench. Open Source Machines that make machines and laboratories!

yeah! machines that make machines that make machines that …