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Hi! I am interested in ‘do it yourself’ drinking water production in communities. I have read about carbon activated filters but I don’t know if they are able to remove microbiological contaminants that can produce disease. Is there anyone with experience in this field?

Hola! Estoy buscando información sobre cómo producir agua potable en comunidades con una tecnología abierta “hecha en casa”. Leí sobre filtros de carbón activo pero no sé si pueden eliminar todos los microorganismos que pueden producir enfermedades. ¿Alguien tiene experiencia en este campo?

Unfortunately not. Activated carbon may trap bacteria but typically these filters are used after disinfection - see below.

Products like lifestraw work on membranes, blocking large species (like bacteria) and allowing just water through



Water Disinfection for International Travelers

" Granular activated carbon (GAC) purifies water by adsorbing organic and inorganic chemicals, thereby improving odor and taste. GAC is a common component of field filters. It may trap but does not kill organisms; in fact, nonpathogenic bacteria readily colonize GAC.28 In field water treatment, GAC is best used after chemical disinfection to make water safer and more palatable by removing disinfection by-products and pesticides, as well as many other organic chemicals and some heavy metals. It removes the taste of iodine and chlorine. "

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I set up a purification system in my house to improve the quality the water I receive from the distribution system that is already chlorinated.
The documentation is in Portuguese but can be translated with Google translator:
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