Agenda for Governance WG Meeting #9 - Tues 3 Nov at 14:00 UTC

Hello friends,

We have the next installment of the GOSH Governance WG meeting on Tuesday 3 November at 14:00 UTC.

Here are the notes from our last meeting on 19 October:

The agenda for our next meeting is to discuss and move towards decisions on:

  • What process do we define and implement to get the seated governance group in place?

  • Possible scenarios of how this representation can be made, in terms of equity, inclusion and coverage across the community.

  • Next steps on engaging broader GOSH community (call) (after first version of proposal is complete and ready for feedback and discussion.

Actions for working group members in advance of next meeting:

  • Whole WG to review notes from last meeting and add items to the table of what we want and don’t want from a governance group

  • Consider how we would seat this long-term governance group to best meet our goals for group composition and structure.

SPECIFIC ASK: If you know of existing models for elections or other processes that equitably seat representatives, please come ready to share your knowledge!

Looking forward to speaking soon!