Agenda for Governance WG Meeting #18 - Tues March 23rd at 14:00 UTC

Hey everyone!

Here are the notes from our last meeting on Tuesday, March 9th at 14:00 UTC: Notes for Governance Meeting #17 - Tues March 9th at 14:00 UTC

For Next Meeting:

  • Finalize proposal
  • Finalize voting platform
    • Group overview of STAR voting platform.
  • Determine best language and course of action to deal with what was called in the proposal “social minorities”
  • Discuss the proposed timeline for appointing an Independent Observer
  • Bri present eligibility criteria for forum activity (if time permits)

If you can’t make the Tuesday meeting, please feel free to send your thoughts on this email thread or directly to the forum where I have posted this message so the community can follow along.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you all that we postponed today’s working group meeting and are moving our meeting time to next week (the time change this week has made for some scheduling issues!) We will be sharing an updated agenda soon, and as usual, will post the meeting notes afterward. :slight_smile: