AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop (Building an OpenFlexure Microscope)

We will be running an open hardware workshop on 16 June 2023, 10:00 AM GMT at the Kumasi HIve Event Space in Kumasi, Ghana.

This workshop is the start of a series of workshops on open science hardware across the African region.

During this workshop, we will teach participants how to build, from scratch, and view microscopic slides with the openflexure microscope. The OpenFlexure Microscope is a customisable, open-source optical microscope, using either very cheap webcam optics or lab quality, RMS threaded microscope objectives

If you are in Ghana, we invite you to join us by applying for this workshop. Take the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills in the realm of open hardware and microscopy.

You can apply using this link: AfricaOSH Open Hardware Workshop (Learn to build an OpenFlexure Microscope from scratch)

We thank the Gathering for Open Science Hardware ( and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ( for their support.

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