Add your list of Chinese suppliers of scientific equipment here!

Hi all - had an organizers call today, and we felt it would be useful to try to actively reach out to the current scientific equipment manufacturers in China to invite to apply to GOSH 2018, as they might not see the call for applications in their normal daily lives.

This is exciting to me because (and Chinese people on the forum please correct me if I’m wrong here) you’ve got large scale, successful manufacturers in the sci tech space who’s business models are not tied to intellectual property… so we may be a resource for them, and vice versa.

So - what scientific equipment have you bought in China?

Put a link to the equipment or manufacturer and @taweili will follow up with them. Alibaba is a great place to look if you’re curious.

I’ll start - I quoted an XRF system from these guys -

Raman spectrometers (among other things) -

Soil testing equipment (classically overpriced items from the US) -

What else you got?


We’ve ordered a bunch of objectives and things from Sunlight Optical on AliExpress. I’ve not had much direct contact with them but I’d love to get to know them better.

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@jorgeappiah do you have something for us :smile: ?

Hi all
I’ve been using PM sensors from these chinese manufacturers


here is the qr again to join the wechat group on Open Science Hardware in China. let’s reach out to the locals…

Hi, I am from China. I could help to reach out the supplier or manufactures.

@taweilli can you follow up with these and let’s folks know how it goes?

Awesome! I think both having folks apply to the conference would be great, but we may want to consider creating a space to bring in a wider range of manufacturers than we could accept as participants for everyone to meet. @dusjagr @nanocastro what do you think about having a programming section (or using an existing section) to bring in chinese manufacturers of scientific equipment like those listed above?

Hi all
A programming section with chinese manufacturers of scientific equipment (parts and sensors too!!) seems like a good way to understand what are they doing and how, and to get some ideas around the meaning/possibilities of scaling OScH …


Finally, I found the thread. Will compile the list and start the inviting.

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Is the WeChat group still functional? If so, is there a new QR code to join it?

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@taweili did we end up making that list of invites… also, where should they come? The public session would be a great place to invite them to make connections, what do you think?