A place to share our ressources?

Please let me know if there is one specific place in our GOSH Forum where we can share ressources or links towards articles, PPT presentation, wiki, blog, tutoriels… If not, can @rpez create one?

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Good idea! Do you think it would be better to start a “GOSH2017 resources” thread or to have a separate forum section for resources? @rpez would need to start that I think.

separate to the forum or not, it will be greatful if the GOSH2017 ressources can be open to everybody even if you are not a Goshers (But only Goshers can feed the ressources).

I think that a regular forum thread can be used for sharing resources, as I guess this won’t lead to future discussions. People can then reply on that topic to share more resources. Or even better, we can create a tag, so that any post can be tagged “GOSH 2017 Resources” or simply “GOSH Resources” - you name it. Let me know @thomasmboa @shannond .

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Definitely. I meant starting a new forum section similar to “Communities” that would be “Resources” rather than just an ongoing thread.

I’m in favor @rpez… we could do both-- someone start a “GOSH resources” thread in the “General” forum area so it isn’t specific to people who were at the 2017 gathering and we can also have a “GOSH Resources” tag. @thomasmboa what do you think?

I agree with your last proposition @shannond

Great, that was simple :slight_smile:

@thomasmboa do you want to start the resources thread in the “general” forum?

@rpez do you need to create the tag? I’m happy to do it, just haven’t before.

I have created the tag by tagging this thread. See http://forum.openhardware.science/tags/gosh_resources. It seems that you can point to a tag using #gosh_resources.

Tags are lowercase and does not accept spaces. I guess anyone can tag with existing tags. @thomasmboa go ahead and share your resources. (This call for sharing reminds me of the Free Software Song). Enjoy.


@rpez that song is an essential resource :slight_smile: