#5 Minutes from Meeting 21 Setember 2020

Participants: Marina, Jenny, (Greg was on the wrong link).

Me and Jenny discuss a bit about the working groups and added some suggestions. Please, go there and add yours too.
Jenny passed all the info from the doc to the spreadsheet and I’m adding some suggestions about what each WG should be doing.
Here is a Dudle , answer it for 0 UTC time, answer it by Mon 28 Sep. Note that it has actual dates but ignore those - we’re selecting for a rolling meeting!

Jenny sent and e-mail about the dudle and about next meeting (to be decided according to the dudle).
As she said on the e-mail “Once we have a time, we will create an alternating meeting so once every two weeks will be an optional working session and once every two weeks will be a time to make decisions as a group which we hope as many people as possible can join.”

Here is the link the spreadsheet Marina mentioned: