34C3 Science Talk Recordings

I am at 34c3 mainly for my designing PCBs with code talk which is probably not so interesting for GOSHers who are not interested in electronics.

Here is a list of talks that are definitely relevant though. I haven’t seen all of them yet but I have put a star by the ones that I have seen and would recommend.

I’ll add some more when I have time.


Scuttlebutt, mentioned here: Repeatable manufacturing instructions for open source hardware
was also presented at 34c3. Might have been yesterday?

Ah, I missed that. I would have been interested to talk to the Scuttlebut folks. I installed a client a few weeks back but I don’t know anyone else that’s on it.

I noticed that there is also a track view on the program. The Science and the Hardware & Making tracks are probably the most relevant. You will need to search for the titles you are interested in over at media.ccc.de until they add direct links.

I also really enjoyed this Art & Culture track talk on Deconstructing a Socialist Lawnmower by Darsha Hewitt and caught the end of the question session for Open Source Estrogen which I know a few GOSHers have an interest in.


@kaspar - I was there… sorry to have missed you. It’s really hard to keep on track at the ccc with so many interesting things to do and see.

I can vouch for the Low Cost Non-Invasive Biomedical Imaging talk. OpenEIT is a really exciting prospect - a new kind of medical imaging based on electrical impedance that should be super diyable and really really low-cost. According to the talk the resolution should be high enough for many applications. The speaker, Jean Rintoul, has a github repo and opened a google group after the talk to which a lot of people have already subscribed. They’re already working on the hardware (way out of my league, but I’m happily lurking). It would be great to connect this with GOSH…

On a different note, I really liked the Electroedibles talk from Denisa Kera, Yair Reshef and Zohar Messeca-Fara. :slight_smile:

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This is the video