34C3 - Chaos Communication Congress - call for participation

Hi everyone,

The call for the 34th annual Chaos Communication Conference (34C3), Leipzig, Germany, 27th to 30th December, opened a couple of weeks ago:
I think it would be a great place to talk about open science hardware and connect to broader discussions and communities around related issues.
You can apply with a full hour talk or 30mins. Also, it’s helpful to know that the CCC doesn’t really like talks about specific projects, rather they prefer to hear about ongoing research, work, movements, opinions… The deadline for application is October 15th.

About the CCC
The CCC (Chaos Computer Club) is Europe’s largest association of hackers, and the CCC (Chaos Communication Congress) is it’s annual meeting. Topics range from Security, Cryptography, Privacy and online Freedom of Speech to broader digital culture, politics, society, hardware and Science! It’s a completely independent, self-organised, self-financed event, for 12000 people, around 3000 of which contribute voluntarily to running the event. This means that everyone pays their ticket (which can be quite tricky to get btw), with speakers being the only exception. It’s like a huge hacker family party to round off the year.

Hope you might apply!


Hi @lu_cyP, I’m really really interested in this, thanks a lot for bringing it!

I’m fully aware of what the CCClub is and I’d love to visit, is there any chance of connecting, besides the conference -for which I’m applying, anyway-? Because I’ll be in Germany but returning earlier I guess :frowning:

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Hi @jarancio
Great - I just replied to your thread about OpenCon. Hope to meet you!

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I’ll be going to the 34C3 this year and give a talk on using code for electronic circuit design. Anyone else coming!?