#3 Minutes from working meeting 31 August 2020


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We added to the list of potential decision-makers, resources, and types of decisions in the shared google doc. We focused in on one specific decision, which is how and when to update the mission, values, and roadmap. We discussed how to ensure that informed folks are part of that, and how to define that. We came up with a drawing which represented our progress, and @marinappdf kind of came down on the side of using the forum and/or git to help support levels of activity and engagement as drivers for who can vote for what, and how much those votes are worth, with the idea that active people and/or people contributor more have more of a voice.

This is just a start, lots of questions, but it was a productive conversation. Looking forward to more next week.

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This looks great! Now the working meeting has gone to weekly, Gunner can’t join every week and mentioned that the coming Monday is a public holiday in the US. When it makes sense to invite Gunner onto a weekly call or to review a doc, can the meeting facilitator/doc author make sure to reach out directly? He will still join the all-hands meetings as and when they happen.

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I didn’t participate in the meeting but, in some how, contributed!

First, @gbathree , can you edit the title of the minutes? We haven’t talked about, but since the first meeting the number of the meeting was added to the title (#1, #2). This can be useful, and I think standards are good (documentation, etc.), so we are missing the number of this one (#3). But is ok if you can’t.

Sorry for not coming, I wrote down the wrong time.

You did I good job with the image! But I wonder if starting with the harder task is a good way. Isn’t easier if we tried to imagine how to solve the easier ones?


Oh gee, sorry Marina… I think I didn’t thoroughly check my @ mention there, how embarrassing :blush:

Name updated!

Sorry I missed this week, it’s a holiday in the US and kids were home, but I’m game to keep moving on this next week. So looking forward to meeting again monday and continuing the discussion.

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