2022 GOSH Open Hours

Hi everyone!

The GOSH open hours will be back again in 2022! I’ll be holding open hours on the second Thursday of each month at 11:00 UTC and the fourth Thursday of every month at 21:00 UTC. This means that the next open hour will be January 13th at 11:00 UTC! You can see a full schedule of upcoming open hours here.

What are the Open Hours?
GOSH open hours are held twice a month and hosted by the GOSH Community Coordinator. Open hours provide a virtual social atmosphere for old and new GOSHers alike to connect with others from the community. These small, informal events are perfect for those wanting to learn more about the GOSH community.

How do I join?
You can join the open hours via this Jitsi link.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!