Welcome GOSHers!


Hi, all, I’m with Public Lab (PublicLab.org) and work on supporting people to collaboratively develop environmental monitoring techniques (hardware, photographic, etc) at low cost. We’ve helped over 10k people build spectrometers and share on SpectralWorkbench.org, and are looking at ways we can support other kinds of monitoring that more specifically measures pollution that affects people. We’re also interested in how open collaborative techniques (on our website and beyond) can support the development of new, accessible techniques for collecting scientific data, and in helping people develop good experimental designs and environmental monitoring strategies in an open source way.

Eager to meet you all!


Hello everyone!

My name is Marina, a gaúcho from the south of Brazil, pretty close to become a Physical Engineering. I’ve being working at CTA since 2015, with Rafael Pezzi and Leonardo Sehn, plus others students. I have helped to organized and participate of almost all events that CTA was involved, including e-HAL, the First Brazilian Gathering for Open and Free Hardware.
I’ll go to GOSH to represent all students and projects that won’t go as, for example, our breath game, that uses the respiration as a joystick; the PCI João-de-Barro, and it’s history and some of our educational and/or scientific equipment.
I, myself, am interested in how to use open source-free-libre hardware and software (let’s just skip the “how do we call” discussion for now), p2p, citizen science and all this to govern the commons in Brazil, considering our specific challenges. I’m more an Environmentalist that ends up to have an Engineering degree than the opposite.

I’m sure we will all comeback home different this March!

If you allow me, great hug!



Hello people!

My name is Leslie Garcia, media artist working in the intersections of science and technology. I’m part of Interspecifics Collective (Mexico) where we try to explore interspecies communication processes from an artistic and philosophic point of view. We use sound, visualization, hardware and software for this purpose.

Some of the projects we have developed:

Energy Bending Lab is an instrument comprised of a set of custom-built modular synthesizers and transduction tools that creates a real-time sonification from the electric properties found in some bacteria and other microorganisms. http://www.interspecifics.cc/-/

Open Sensory substitution is a prototype base on the work of neuroscientist Paul Bach-y-Rita who attends restoring senses damaged using hybrid interfaces brain-machine to redirect certain characteristics of a sensory modality to another and using the adaptive capacities of the brain to replace perceptual categories. https://github.com/interspecifics/B10s_Senses

For GOSH our intention is to share some of the bio-sonification techniques that we have been developing and above all to find possible collaborators that feel that a little artistic vision can do well for their projects.

you can fine some more info in our github and website

Really looking forward to meet you all!


Hi, my name is Tara. I’m originally from Vancouver, I currently live in Los Angeles and this summer I’m moving to Tokyo. For most of my adult life I’ve worked on software projects, and really just in the last 7 years have I gotten into hardware and education, mostly because of hackerspaces and the makerspace I founded in LA. I’m an advocate for interest-driven STEAM education and am very passionate about ways in which I can help regular people without a science or tech background learn about their environment and contribute ways to solve problems that affect them (air quality, water, soil, etc.). Some might call that citizen science but I think that’s a subset of what I’m interested in. I’m in the process of figuring out how I want to approach this topic…maybe a combination of open education platform and open hardware devices…not sure yet. I’m interested in discussing business models and partnerships because I like working with a community and hardware projects can be darn expensive.


Hola a todos!
I’m Fernando (Nano) Castro from Mendoza, Argentina. I work since a few years in the promotion and development of open educative/working spaces. I’m the director of the recently created digital fabrication laboratory (LabFD) at the National Technological University and co-founder of Nodo39 fablab
I’m interested in the local strengthening and promotion of open source hardware for education and citizen science. We are currently working on the second prototype of a low-cost air quality monitor (MACA) that will accompany us to Chile.
I`m looking forward to engage with this community, share experiences and collaborate in the diffusion and replication of existent tools and, why not, in the development of new ones.
See you all in Santiago


Hi everyone! I’m Hamilton Mestizo, multidisciplinary artist from Colombia. For many years, I´ve been worked around the relationship between arts, science and technology through critical, aesthetic and social perspectives. Since 2007 I´ve been involved in science and design environments, working with creative-transdisciplinary teams and university students in issues as physical computing, biotechnology and citizen science.

By the way I´ve been developed many prototypes, ideas and projects that could be related to “open science hardware” in the field of arts. I assume the science and technology experimentation as part of creativity and cultural innovation and art as a catalyst to reevaluate the roll of technology through experimentation, education and prototyping. [http://librepensante.org] (http://librepensante.org)

Along the last year I´ve worked at the exploratorio Medellín (public laboratory of experimentation) where related projects have grown up. One of them is called ciencia a la mano (science on hand): a group of high school students and teachers, masters, doctorates (University of Antioquia) and the team of the exploratorio decided to activate an abandoned school laboratory focusing on citizen science and DIY. Moreover this year we inaugurated the biolab:escuela de creación (biolab:school-of-creation) where, with the support of ITM (Metropolitan Technological Institute), we are prototyping tools and machines for using in microbiology and genetics with the idea to generate low-cost equipment that could be used in education and science in diverse contexts without the problem of the price o accessibility.

See you soon!!!


I m in Brasil now, soon in Peru

I am dailylaurel lead explorer at www.biohackingsafari.com non profit that I co-founded with my scientist colleague @QuitterieL we met in Paris in squats / biohackerspaces / hackathons and we now work on publishing a book on biohacking / citizen science / open science worldwide, and we are preparing a docu fiction involving biohackers and the concept of Gaïa (scientific Latourian definition) in the amazon forest.

my other ecletisms www.serendibscoop.com


Hello everyone. I’m Aakriti Thapa from Nepal. I’m a teacher by profession.
Currently I’m working at Karkhana (http://www.karkhana.asia/), an education company, that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I’m one of the lead teacher who apart from delivering classes, is also involved in designing classes, and researching hands-on activities for content development. Our classes align with STEAM curriculum and integrate 21st century skills: Creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
As an educator, I’m good at learning new things. I may not have an expertise on specific open source hardware, but I have an understanding of how kids learn. I want to understand the world of open source hardware and bounce off ideas with the participants over how it can be simplified and integrated into regular school curriculum.
Looking forward to meet you all soon.


Hi! My name is Shan He, I live in Guangzhou, China, and currently work with Greenovation Hub, which is a Chinese Green NGO focus on water safety issue. We visit villages all over China to understand their water risks, developed quick water test kits and DIY water filters to help them identify and relief the problems. I also do freelanced environmental investigations in China. Here is me on Public Lab.

Other than work, I grow my own vegetable, love cooking and playing video games. I am a member of local dragon boat team (and we regularly monitor river quality), enthusiastic about many kinds of sports.

I benefit a lot from open technology but myself are not so good at hardware… Look forward to learning from each of you!!


Dear GOSH2017 people,

I’m Ewen Chardronnet, writer and journalist at Makery.info. Last year we published an article on GOSH@CERN and translated the Gosh manifesto to french.

For Geneva we invited a Gosh participant to write a report on the meetings at Cern, we would like to do the same this year for Gosh in Chile. Would there be someone in the organising team or a participant happy to write a photo report as it was done last year? We can pay a small fee for it. It would be fantastic, we really want to support the Gosh community.

all the bests


Hi everyone,
I am Akshai M from Kerala, India. An Electronics Engineer currently engaged at IIT Bombay as a Research Assistant in FOSSEE Project. I help design simulate and help manufacture mixed signal boards for Industrial Automation.Previously I was directly associated with Government Bodies, Kerala Startup Mission, ICFOSS, and FabLab Kerala for the promotion of Open Source Hardware.Back then I was a policy maker more than a developer and had the opportunity to design and propagate IoT Lab, LeSEG (Learning Science through Experiments for Graduates) for Colleges and ExpEYES Community Development Programme for Schools. The whole idea was to promote an open stack to learn basic sciences and product development.To improve my capacity to contribute back to the community in my state which will at the end of the day help communities across the world, I had joined FOSSEE. At GOSH I will share my experience, and if the story works, I hope to see more people contributing back to their state’s policies for imparting education.I also help run an NGO called MicroHOPE Foundation, where we have high hopes to build communities to promote Assembly Language Programming, to improve fundamentals. Looking forward to learning from you all.
Thanks !

  • Akshai, well yeah Akshai with an “i”


Hi guys, Ali Afshar from HackScience here! We’re working on affordable lab automation tools based around maker technology! Currently finishing my PhD at Imperial College, where I’ve made various tools for myself, such as an automated spray system for making spray-on nanoparticle solar cells.

We’ve been working on drag and drop software platform to help makers in science build cloud-based control apps for their tools - would love to get feedback from you guys!


Hello everyone,

My name is Take from Japan.
I am enjoying bio learning as hobby.
But want to step up.

I read and like the GOSH manifest.
I really happy to join this forum.
Thank you.

And, I translated GOSH manifest into Japanese.
Because Half of Japanese don’t read English article.
GOSH manifest should be read by many Japanese also.

I have google document now.
Where should I post it?


Hi Ewen, Thanks for the last year’s report! I have plan to write a report about GOSH but will do it in Chinese, more towards Chinese readers. Can send to you afterward :slight_smile:


Hello !
Im Freyja: currently nomadic doing artistic (see www.thecopyriots.com) and academic research for Open Knowledge International on law and technology.

I’ve been involved in the Fablab/Maker movement tinkering with 3D printing for some time becoming aware of the legal side of hardware. (Cory Doctorow ‘Makers’ makes for perfect travel fiction)
I look forward to meeting everyone and to talk more about this.


Hi all, I’m Bethan Wolfenden from London, UK. My background’s in biochemistry. I am part of the team setting up Bento Bio and I’m also a member of London Biohackspace.

My interests are biology, science education and “extreme” citizen science - mostly focused on how newcomers teach themselves molecular biology, how people use accessible hardware, and what additional educational tools/activities may be needed to facilitate the process. This is my first time attending GOSH.

With Bento, we are currently producing DNA analysis equipment, designing DNA barcoding educational activities for individuals at home and exploring the limits of biology reagents; our long-term goal is partnering to support large scale molecular biology citizen science projects.

On a more macro level, I also really like plants and beer, so I’d be keen to visit some of Santiago’s breweries after the sessions.


Hello Everyone. I’m Yuliana Rodriguez :smile_cat:, Psychology mayor and arching,
experimenting and producing with and through alternative pedagogies.
I also coordinate the project Manga Libre, a community made and cared
for eatable garden and last but not least, I am also the founder and
member of the experimental sound group Jaquer Noise, a group of
friends and activists that work with free culture and low cost
construction. I am honored and excited to be a part of this event and
meet all of you, I hope this impulses many collaborative projects. See
you soon.

http://www.platohedro.org/ :blush:



Hi, I’m Shingo Hisakawa from Tokyo, independent software&hardware hacker making PCR like NinjaPCR with wife these years, even though we have no knowledge about biology;) Latest IoT model is 10 times faster than any opensource PCR and we’re planning to manufacture it soon after GOSH.

With use of this PCR, DNA extraction reagents and chromatography chips for infectious diseases, food allergen and meat detection etc, we want to make food/blood self-test as popular as pregnancy self-test and shut down pandemic quickly with power of opensource and citizen science. Here’s our abstract. So how to balance business and opensource is main interests of us.

By the way, manpowered aircraft and Argumented Reality satellite watching app are part of my hacks too. Let’s stargaze if there are nice satellite passes during GOSH!


Hi Take,

Thanks for doing this! We’ll get it posted to the website.



Hi Shannond,

It is my preasure!