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Hi everyone, I am curious about what kind of open source server software others have been using, in particular to receive sensor data, store, structure and visualize. I hear good things about the ELK stack, TICK stack, as well as Prometheus, Thingspeak, etc. We’re willing to create an IoT Blueprint for the Subutai platform, and want to ensure to pick the best alternative. Anyone there with experience in the field?

Hi! I looked into this a year or two ago, so things have changed a lot. So many services have gone up then gone down, whether open source, commercial…

We looked a little outside the box for things like educational data analysis tools, etc – a bit eclectic of a list, but for what it’s worth: 🎈 Public Lab: Environmental data management & analysis tools

I’d love to know what people think about these options you’ve mentioned; we didn’t review them. Always interested in thinking about long-term sustainability of these services.

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Ah, someone also replied with:

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I like OpenHab That’s the backend of my smart home. A lot of companies have open api”s that OpenHab can use.

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