Potential Locations for GOSH 2022

Here’s an update on what the Gathering working group has been up to!
We have a super short timeline to start getting things together (Gathering is set to happen in less than a year!) and so we have been reaching out to lots of communities who might be able to serve as potential hosts. This is extra tricky as we all know, due to differening and changing rules and concerns about Covid and many other issues, but we are making progress!

Several places we talked to have been eager to host but will be unable to next year (for example with groups in Argentina and Sri Lanka).

And so the main groups that we have been making progress about potential hosting abilities with so far have been in:

Bangladesh (with Dhaka fab lab)
Panama (with Fab Lab Eco-studio)
Ann Arbor Michigan, USA (with Maker Works)
Oakland California, USA (with Omni Commons)

Our basic worksheet we have been trying to track this on is here if you want to see more details!

If you are a group that might want to be a host, make sure to contact us IMMEDIATELY! as we will have to be making a decision soon to start progress on the Global Gathering!


Hi everyone, sharing an update on the location search for GOSH 2022 from the Gathering Working Group meeting last week.

Where we are at with potential hosts

  • Nat is in touch with Greg about Michigan, venues quite inexpensive. The only downside with the US is visa difficulties.
  • Andy found a key contact person from City of Knowledge in Panama who is able to help with logistics. City of Knowledge has housing at the campus and could provide us with some more funding if needed.
  • Bri reported on GOSHers in India who have a venue (in Goa!) but the main issues are visa difficulties (specific conference visa may be needed) and getting transportation for people in India
  • Cameroon, Bangalore and Nepal also options

Short list of remaining venues created

  • Took a vote and decided our current standings for places are 1- Panama 2- Nepal 3- India with 2 spots in the USA as backup

That’s all for now, look forward to what comes next!


Sharing updates on the location search from today’s Gathering Working Group meeting!

Summary of GOSH Gathering Working Group Meeting 1 Dec:

  • Spent some time discussing the possibility of having more than one GOSH Gathering at the same time (i.e. two Gatherings in two different locations occurring at the same time).
    • Ultimately decided we wouldn’t have the capacity to host two Gatherings at the same time
    • However we acknowledged that in the current global context with COVID and travel restrictions, it would be wise to set up some sort of infrastructure so that people who are unable to attend can join virtually
    • In addition to potentially using a hybrid (in person + virtual) model for the GOSH Gathering, we also are considering the option of having other locations hold smaller, regional events at the same time as the main Global Gathering. These could also take the form of “pre-events” held before the larger Global Gathering
  • The Gathering Working Group decided on our final location for hosting the 2022 Gathering: Panama!
    • We will keep the other locations who expressed interest in mind in case we do any smaller regional events to coincide with the main Gathering

I think that’s a good strategy… and hope i can make it to panama!
I can still offer support for doing a workadventure for being able to hang-out together during decentralized remote gosh activities throughout the onsite gathering.


  • note, we are currently targeting October 26-29 as the tentative dates for the event!

I’m interested to be part of the physical gathering but wondering if there could be any support with logistics and accommodation.


Hi @CC4DUganda! When applications open for the Gatherings, applicants can apply for travel funding or other support for subsidized travel/accommodation.


thanks @briannaljohns for the feedback, waiting for the link once shared.