Open source and self-hosted apps for GOSH

Great! See some of you in a little less than 24 hours.

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Had a great meeting today with @hpy and @AlexDeYucatan to discuss open source alternatives to Google Docs/Google Drive. Here’s a summary of what we chatted about:

  • Because Nextcloud has better import and export options, we decided it is a better option than Cryptpad. It also has great word document collaboration with Only Office.

  • We spent some time exploring Nexcloud’s options using the demo. We were able to upload all sorts of files (.csv, .xslx, .docx) and could even drag and drop folders from our desktop into the drive. We were able to share files and edit collaboratively without having to log in.

What to do next

  • Before creating a budget for Nextcloud services, we would like to give everyone a chance to check out Nextcloud, using the demo. Feel free to share your thoughts on it in this thread! If you want to check out even more Nextcloud integrations that aren’t featured on, you can do so on Disroot!

Next meeting: create a budget & discuss Zotero

The next meeting will be 11 November at 21:00 UTC. We will be putting together a monthly budget for expenses related to open source applications for GOSH, and we will also spend some time exploring Zotero, which was suggested as an archiving tool for GOSH on this thread. We will meet using this Jitsi link. This meeting is also on the GOSH community calendar .


Really sorry I missed the latest meeting. Did it happen?

Hi all, due to scheduling issues the previous meeting on creating a budget and discussing Zotero (see the post here) has been postponed to December 9 at 20:30 UTC. The updated meeting is also on the GOSH community calendar.

Come join if you are interested!

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Hi everyone!

During our meeting last week @hpy and I finalised the budget for open source tools for GOSH. We also decided on the next meeting time for the group, which will be January 6th at 21:00 UTC (This meeting is also on the GOSH community calendar).

What’s Next?

  • By the next meeting, we should have Nextcloud up and running for GOSH!

  • During the next meeting, we will discuss how to best use Nextcloud for GOSH, and which existing documents need to be moved to Nextcloud.

That’s all for now!
-Bri :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

We had another meeting today to discuss open source tools for GOSH. We focused on Nextcloud again, and @hpy and I explored more of Nextcloud’s features with the help of @naikymen!

We also discussed the value of purchasing Nextcloud, and if it can successfully replace Google Docs/Drive. We know that the GOSH Council has been using Google Drive to store some documents, so we decided that it would be best to speak with the GOSH Council about using Nextcloud before purchasing an instance for it, to determine if this is something the Council would consider using.

We also decided to have regularly scheduled “open source apps for GOSH” meetings on the first Thursday of each month, at 21:00 UTC. That means the next one will be February 3rd at 21:00 UTC. These meetings are open to anyone in the community who is interested in implementing open source tools for GOSH!

That’s all for now!

-Bri :v:

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It was fun :slight_smile:

Here @jarancio mentioned Zotero.

I’d like to add that Zotero can sync it’s libraries to Nextcloud through WebDAV.

I missed the meeting on Zotero, and I’m also biased because I use it a lot, but I think its great software.

It would be a nice interaction to try.


In terms of scheduling tools, I have started using and it’s really userfriendly and it looks not so hard to host.


I can confirm I’ve been using this for a few years and it’s been quite reliable.

Thanks for bringing this up again @JPBiomed. I see there’s a free-of-charge tier now which IIRC wasn’t there before, good to know! Is that the tier you are using?

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BTW, there is a fully open source Eventbrite replacement called Eventyay, developed by the team @mariob works with. And a similar one is Mobizilon. Both might be useful for our upcoming events.

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here is a list of software one might think of, Johanna has probably took some time to choose these solutions, might be interesting for you to have a chat with her?

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Sorry excuse my ignorance, which Johanna are you referring to? And were you linking to a list?

sorry the link disappear at some point: Our Values
Johanna Havemann (active in open science for years)

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Hi all, a reminder that the next meeting for open source apps for GOSH will be February 3rd at 21:00 UTC. We will meet using this Jitsi link to talk more about Nextcloud and Zotero.

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Hello all! Sharing a summary of what was discussed at today’s open-source apps meeting today:


  • @hpy and I were unsure whether you could have more than one user on the cheapest tier of this nextcloud instance
  • @dusjagr uses this instance for Hackteria, said that he is able to have more than one user - can also create a public folder and invite others to add files to it. So we were able to confirm that even on the cheapest tier, we can add multiple users. Seems like the “1” user included on the cheapest tier just refers to one user with admin status.

Other apps we discussed

  • GOSH Flickr - currently using the free tier which means that there are issues with making bulk changes to a group of photos. If we want a better option in the future, could look into the Internet Archive.
  • - I started using it to schedule meetings, but for some reason, I wasn’t receiving email notifications when someone schedules a time to meet with me.
  • Eventgate is an open source alternative to Eventbrite if we want to use it in the future
  • Could look into adding GOSH documents like the events framework to Wikimedia commons, Zenodo and Internet Archive
  • OSF allows for collaborative editing of documents if that is ever needed as an alternative to Nextcloud
  • Zotero is often used for academic papers but could be a space for other things that aren’t papers, although @hpy and I haven’t thought that far ahead yet! You can sync Zotero with Nextcloud but then you lose a lot of the collaborative features that come with a group library.

@hpy and @dusjagr stayed on the call a bit longer because I had to go, so feel free to add anything else that you discussed afterwards!

These meetings are held on the first Thursday (at 21:00 UTC) of each month, so the next one is March 3rd at 21:00 UTC. This meeting is also on the GOSH community calendar.

-Bri :v:


Yeah we had a loooong chat, mostly around our shared interest in general on how knowledge can be preserved and passed on within a community over generations of new people joining and others leaving. A very interesting article, more on the individual side on knowledge management is this one:

We have used similar metaphors a few times with the idea to clean up and synthesize information to make it more accessible on the hackteria wiki. termed “Wiki Gardening” kinda springs over a weekend or so, a social event, onsite / online, with snacks, drinks and fun, to “garden” care, sort, clean up a specific topic of interest. In the end,… sadly it was usually dropped from the programm. it’s really hard work to motivate people to this kinda info–gardening care work, it’s not very appreciated or career pushing, unlike more synthesized academic publication, although it’s crucial as a “learning in public” knowledge preservation.

then we also talked long about interesting initiatives in Taiwan, that we sadly havent yet connected to our GOSH community, such as or

Or this recent more media arts related super interesting activity:

and of course the good old times of my first trip to “asia”, 2008 / 2009, specifically also to Taiwan to assist an arduino and DIY microscopy workshop with strong focus on FLOSS, and my first time installing linux on my laptop, never changed ever since.


Thanks for the great summary @briannaljohns and @dusjagr. :clap:

I’ll add that @dusjagr shared an open source tool called HOTGLUE. It is ostensibly a code-less way to quickly whip up a website, but it acts as a big canvas on which you can stick and/or embed almost anything you want. IMO this thing’s wild.

@dusjagr shared a couple links to sites created with HOTGLUE here and here. But there are more crazy examples of its use here. @dusjagr has used this for facilitating workshops and creating online zines.

Might be something useful for activities at GOSH Global Gatherings or regional events.

I also appreciate the chat about passing on knowledge, and hope this is a conversation we can continue in the knowledge thread.

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Hi everyone! The next open-source apps meeting is coming up soon - it will be March 3rd at 21:00 UTC. We will be taking a look at Limesurvey, to see if it can be a potential tool for the upcoming election reflection :slight_smile:

This meeting is on the GOSH community calendar and we will meet via this Jitsi link!

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