Open science hardware & SDGs: Digital public goods?

Hi all, reaching out to those of you interested in linking open science hardware and SDGs, kind of following up on the international policy brief.

TIL about the Digital Public Goods Alliance. They have a standard they use to evaluate open initiatives nominated by anyone. The standard includes things as:

I got there following an open drone suite that is now a “digital public good”.

Their mission:

The Digital Public Goods Alliance’s vision is that by the year 2030, our open, collaborative, multi-stakeholder efforts have unlocked the potential of digital public goods to contribute to a more equitable world and accelerate attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals in low- and middle-income countries.

Does anyone have further info on the initiative? It came up as a thing to have in the radar after the international policy workshop, but I don’t know anyone working on it.


This is the first I’ve heard of this, but thanks for pointing it out. I’m part of fledgling community myself that fits into this description and I’d love to know if can fit in the alliance goal.

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Wow, don’t know about them but will share in the GOAT community also, perhaps Dorn knows. @shannond do you know about them? Is this something that we should be part of at a meta level (?)… What do you think Julieta?

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Hey @gbathree! I think it’s worth exploring it to advance some of the ideas in the international orgs policy brief. I’m honestly not sure of how much of a difference it would make for projects, though. I think it would be great if GOSH could talk to someone at the initiative.

@francois is my reference person for international organizations questions, so tagging him to see what he thinks :smiley: (sorry F!)

@jarancio if you set up the meeting, I’ll come and pepper them with questions :slight_smile: I am genuinely curious about what exactly what they do ‘means’ on the ground, and what’s the consequential change of their concept.

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