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@leosehn have you had consistent success with meet.jitsi on calls of >8 people?
I found it really unreliable once you get above 2-3 video feeds, which is fair enough because it’s the freely hosted version of software that is intended to be self-hosted.

@ryanfobel I would recommend a back up option just in case! Happy to make a Zoom room.


I fully support using open software whenever possible, but flakey video chat is frustrating. Having a zoom backup is a great idea. Thanks Jenny!


so, you are reading the ratcatcher book for a chat on 10jan?
have a great end to 2018…


Yes, that’s correct. Hope to see you there!


will see if I can make the time. the choice is a funny one for me! :slight_smile:


Yes. In order to make good calls with >8 people we normally turn off the cameras of the ones that are not talking. With that solution it was even possible to make live transmissions with jitsi. I imagine that is enough for us.

Thank you.


Which timezone are we considering, @ryanfobel and @jcm80? Do we have a link?



Sorry for not sending out a reminder earlier. Please find info to join the Jitsi meeting below. Meeting starts in ~40 min (14:00 UTC). Hope to chat soon!

Does anyone have access to a zoom subscription as a backup?


To join the video meeting, click this link:
To join by phone, dial +1.512.402.2718 and enter this PIN: 2189277127#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:



so we are seriously discussing that good ole rat catcher book?
you find a summary and layouted version here:

How to clear Rats from Galleries, Offices and Ateliers etc

  • Always capture as many rats as you can.

The Habbits of Rats

  • One must be amongst them regularly to know their wonderful ways and habits.

Life of the Rat-Catcher

  • We don’t call Rat-catching a trade only: We maintain that it is a profession, and one that requires much learning and courage.


Yes, I hope so!!!


Did it happen? I tried to connect and didn’t find anyone. Maybe the information didn’t circulate with enough time ahead.

Thank you!


We just finished up ~20 min ago…


That’s nice. I thought it would be longer, so I thought it didn’t happen. Then I was the one late.

How it worked? Did many people attend? What’s next?

Thank you!