Hamamatsu updates and 1550 - 1850nm detector

Hey guys, the GroupGets boards and in, expect to hear back from Hamamatsu any day. I’ll let you know when I ship them out.

Had a good talk with Tyler from Hamamatsu, and he mentioned another detector that have which also could be quite useful.


It’s a simple TO-5 package that can do 1550 - 1850nm by adjusting the refraction index of the glass (actually glass/air/glass) at the top of the can. Clever design, not too expensive (10s of dollars). Aaaaaand pretty soon another version will be out which covers a higher wavelength range including that in which water is absorbed… that’s pretty exciting and has some real potential applications as well.

I really think if we can create an effective, low cost, mechanical design for creating the masks, there will be many many opportunities for interesting applications in the future with little end in sight.

Them’s my updates.

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Are there updates on this projects?
I would love to go into this again too for the upcoming activities in Slovenia. @TAKE