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This is the place where we can share resources or links towards articles, PPT presentation, wiki, blog, tutoriels…

Just add the tag: gosh_resources

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http://www.ubiquitypress.com/site/books/10.5334/bbc/1 #gosh_resources

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Cool, I like this idea of a resource area.
Here some contributions for #gosh_resources

Open source hardware for neurosciences: https://www.openeuroscience.com/hardware-projects/ (check drop down menu on top of the page)

Open source hardware and software, the PLOS channel: https://channels.plos.org/open-source-toolkit

Some lists from Hackaday.io:

Optical microscopes

“advanced” microscopes


citzen science projects from 2016

educational robots

Hello, all.
Prompted by @rpez, here are two resources for consensus-based decision making:

This is the book we use in our trainings: https://www.newsociety.com/Books/C/Consensus-Oriented-Decision-Making
Here is our “cheat sheet” that condenses the process into steps: https://civiclaboratory.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/codm-cheat-sheet.docx

And here are my two go-to resources for facilitation (if you’re looking online for facilitation resources, note that many forums --especially in business-- call things facilitation that are still individualistic leadership). These two are in line with how I understand facilitation (as a horizontal way to share knowledge and build as a collective):

Aorta Collective Anti-Oppressive Facilitation Guide (Creative Commons license): http://aorta.coop/resources/anti-oppressive-facilitation
USAID facilitation skills training manual: http://www.score.or.ug/uploads/FACILITATION_SKILLS_TRAINING_Manual.pdf

Finally, here is an overview of how we run feminist meetings in our lab:



Let me share in my network

The posters and resumes of CTA projects can be found at the bottom of this page: http://cta.if.ufrgs.br/projects/suporte-cta/wiki/CTA_no_Gathering_for_Open_Science_Hardware

Here it’s found all the project documentation: http://cta.if.ufrgs.br/projects


Just a reminder for GOSH 2017 attendees: there are some publication venues available to you, and they have deadlines! #gosh_resources

Publication Venues for Open Science Hardware: GOSH 2017

The following venues have invited participants of GOSH 2017 to publish work related to the gathering.

Journal of Open Hardware (Ubiquity Press)

We, the editorial collective gathered at GOSH 2016 with the support from members of the wider Open Hardware community, are proud to launch the community-owned Journal of Open Hardware (JOH) at GOSH 2017! It publishes peer-reviewed papers and reviews on technical, legal, economic, and sociocultural aspects of open hardware design, fabrication, and distribution. Its primary goal is to promote research and development of professional, academic, and community-based open hardware projects.
We invite academic and non-academic contributions in three basic categories: 1) Metapapers; 2) Articles; and 3) Reviews. Each of these sections is meant to serve a particular need of the Open Hardware community. “Meta-papers” provide concise hardware project information with extended and accessible documentation. We define hardware in its broadest sense to include e.g. materials, sensors, wetware and protocols. “Full-length articles” feature original empirical research on socioeconomic, legal, historical and technical issues surrounding Open Hardware projects. “Reviews” are short descriptions of events, books, and publications of interest to the broader Free and Open Source community.

JOH is organized around the same principles guiding Free and Open Source development and Open Access publishing. We ensure that wherever feasible, our publications include open research data, Free and Open Source software, and fully documented hardware which are accessible, searchable, interoperable, and reusable. We encourage collaboration between the sciences and humanities as well as among academics, community members, and hardware professionals. By advancing a culture of Open Hardware research and development, we want to actively contribute to increase openness in scientific instruments, protocols, and research practices as well as higher levels of public participation.

Visit journalofopenhardware.org for more information, and get in touch at GOSH to contribute to the editorial team, sponsors, media and spreading the word!

Call for papers – Special GOSH 2017 edition
We welcome submissions of GOSH 2017 related articles by the 28th of May, 2017 for a special collection reflecting the unique community gathering. Examples for such submissions are:

  • Hardware Metapapers about hardware you demonstrated at GOSH 2017
  • A review of the event or resources central to the discussions there
  • Session and workshop material further developed into a full paper

Sharing your presentations and workshop material during the gathering on other platforms will not interfere with the publishing process: The journal is a venue for submissions of polished material after the event to which we would like to add further value with peer-review as well as preservation and academic indexing. You can refer to public material in the submission. However, we cannot accept text without substantive changes that has already been made available with other publishers e.g. as book chapter, peer-reviewed publication or conference procedure.
We encourage the submission of manuscripts unconnected to the gathering as part of the regular online issue that is continuously published online throughout the year.

F1000: Slides & Posters

The Gathering For Open Science Hardware are working in partnership with the open access repository, F1000Research, to host the posters/slide presentations from the recent meeting. We therefore invite you to deposit through the quick and simple online submission form for posters or slides.
By depositing you will bring the attention of a much wider audience to the novel work you presented, and deposition will enable all researchers with an interest in your work to contact you and ask questions even if they are unable to attend the meeting in person.

We prefer to receive all submissions by the 5th April, although you will still be able to deposit your poster(s)/slides after this date should you be unable to make the deadline.

If you have any questions about this invitation or about F1000Research, then please do not hesitate to contact the F1000Research team at research@f1000.com. A list of the most commonly asked questions, with answers, can be found at FAQs | Find Out More | F1000Research

Note that we at GOSH2017 will be working on best practices of documentation-- we recommend you follow these when submitting to F1000.

HardwareX (Elsevier)

HardwareX is an open access journal established to promote free and open source designing, building and customizing of scientific infrastructure (hardware). HardwareX aims to recognize researchers for the time and effort in developing scientific infrastructure while providing end-users with sufficient information to replicate and validate the advances presented.

HardwareX is open to input from all scientific, technological and medical disciplines. Scientific infrastructure will be interpreted in the broadest sense. Including hardware modifications to existing infrastructure, sensors and tools that perform measurements and other functions outside of the traditional lab setting (such as wearables, air/water quality sensors, and low cost alternatives to existing tools), and the creation wholly new tools for either standard or novel laboratory tasks.
HardwareX makes your hardware design:
• Citable
• Peer-reviewed
• Searchable
• Reproducible

The open access fee shall be waived for participants of GOSH 2017.

Find out more, or submit your own hardware design at www.journals.elsevier.com/hardwarex
We at GOSH2017 will be working on best practices of documentation-- we recommend you follow these when submitting to this journal.

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Thanks for this reminder! We are excited that the special collection is going forwards in our community journal. This was recently indicated on a separate post by Luis Felipe @unixjazz: http://forum.openhardware.science/t/gosh-2017-special-issue.
The up-to-date deadline for these articles is end of June. Please reach out to us if you have not already, so we can help you line things up in good time and manner. Of course you can still submit your work later outside the collection, but we would love to reflect as much of GOSH-awesomeness there as possible.

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